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Add air-gapped assets through a form

  1. Click on Assets management > Air-gapped assets
  2. Click on the Add button
  3. Fill the form

    • “Group” refers to the groups to assign to the asset;
    • “System information” refers to the information interpreted by the Cyberwatch system, help on the expected format is available on the right of the page (see List of main properties).
  4. Confirm with the “Create” button

Import air-gapped assets through a file

XLSX file

  1. The first line must contain the property keys (see List of main properties).
  2. Each of the following lines corresponds to a new asset. Columns without value will be ignored during import.

TXT file

Air-gapped assets can be imported through TXT file where each file correspond to an asset. The TXT file must follow the Declarative data syntax