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Update / Reboot Cyberwatch

Using the command line

  1. Connect to the Cyberwatch machine with SSH
  2. Restart Cyberwatch:

    sudo cyberwatch restart

N.B. For installations based on several Cyberwatch instances, this procedure must be applied on each Cyberwatch node.

From the application (requires Cyberwatch application in version 12 and versions 5.X of cbw-on-premise)

Updates and restarts can be manually launched from the software, from the following pages:

Requesting an application restart using the “Restart / Update Cyberwatch” button will require Cyberwatch to launch the restart in the next 5 minutes.

Enabling automatic updates

Enabling automatic updates is done in the Administration page by expanding “Application update” and toggling on “Automatic update”.

When activated, automatic updates are scheduled by Cyberwatch usually soon after a new application version has been published.