Include Cyberwatch agent in a template

By installing Cyberwatch agent in template mode, you allow it to store keys allowing registration of the agent at the next service startup.

This startup should happen at the first start of the system deployed with the template.

If you need to restart the template itself, you should disable the automatic startup of the Cyberwatch service and enable it again before using the template.


The template mode requires usage of an agent version 4.3 or greater.

  1. Click on Assets management > Agent
  2. Click on the “Add” button
  3. Select the platform on which the agent will be installed

For Windows assets

  • Download the installation MSI and upload it to the template system.
  • Install it with the command:

      msiexec.exe /i 'cyberwatch_agent-x64.msi' MODE_TEMPLATE='true'

For Linux assets

  • Execute the installation command lines with the exception of the last one, responsible for the agent registration.
  • Stop the timer to prevent the automatic registration in the next five minutes.

      sudo systemctl stop cyberwatch-agent.timer
  • Make registration ready by executing the last line of the standard installation procedure, with the --later option:

      sudo -u cyberwatch-agent cyberwatch-agent register --later --access-key-id '<access-key-id>' --secret-access-key '<secret-access-key>' --api-url 'https:/<cyberwatch_adress>/api/v2/' --groups ','

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