Assets status

Assets monitored by Cyberwatch can be assigned a status which helps identifying their current state in Cyberwatch.

These status can be filtered using the search bar, and will be displayed in the “status” column, apart from the Outdated system status.

Possible statuses are:

  • Communication failure
  • Outdated system
  • Planned analysis
  • Planned patches
  • Reboot required

The last analysis date indicates the freshness of the computed vulnerabilities. It usually matches the date the vulnerabilities were last computed, but cannot be posterior to the last scan.

You can see the detailed status of an asset by referring to the Analyses tab, from which you may check the scans Cyberwatch runs on the asset, or restart them to collect the latest data. You may also force the refreshing of the computed vulnerabilities and asset status.

Communication failure

The communication failure information applies to assets that have not communicated with Cyberwatch for a given time or to assets that have an invalid “agentless” mode.

This information is indicated in inventory next to the status of an asset if it is losing communication.

It is also shown on an asset’s page below the asset status.

By default, the idle time before an asset is in “Communication failure” is:

  • 5 days per communication with agent
  • 2 days per communication in “agentless” mode

This max idle time and the time before automatic deletion can be modified in the Connectors settings.

This feature is also detailed in the following documentation: Connectors automatic management.

Outdated system

This status applies to assets for which the operating system is no longer officially supported by the editor. More information on the end of support.

It is displayed in the “System” column of the Cyberwatch inventory and is the result of a critical security issue presence on the asset.

Planned analysis

This status applies to assets on which one of the last information scans is pending execution on the asset after a manual relaunch of the analysis.

Planned patches

This status indicates that a time period was planned for deploying patches using Cyberwatch. It applies to assets until the planned deployment policy is actually launched.

Reboot required

Asset information scans can detect that a reboot is requested by the operating system.

This information is detected using official recommended methods from vendors.

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