Declarative discoveries

When automatic discoveries do not fill your needs, you may import external data through declarative discoveries.

Manually listing hosts lets you check the state of the Cyberwatch coverage on your infrastructure, or create assets in bulk.

To create a declarative discovery:

  1. Go to Discoveries, and click Add then Declarative.

  2. Select the source to which hosts will be associated. This is useful when registering them as assets.

  3. Fill in your CSV data in the Data, or alternatively import a data file. Each valid row will create a host. Data may not contain a header, and should contain only one column with the host name, which may be either an IP address or a domain name.

  4. Click Confirm.

The discovery data will be processes in the background and the results available from Discoveries as soon the the task is complete. On error, the discovery status will show Anomaly and you may view the error message from the discovery details page, accessible by click the Show button at the right of the table.

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