Deploy an aggregated node

This page provides the procedure to install an aggregated node.

An aggregated node sends his assets information to a scanner named aggregator node.

For each asset of the aggregated node, the raw data of the asset will be exported to the aggregator node.

The relationship is one-sided, no assets modifications on the aggregator node will impact the assets of the aggregated node.

The information are updated every 30 minutes.


  • Two Cyberwatch instances (an aggregator node and an aggregated node)

  • Https flow possible from the aggregated node to the aggregator node.

Configuration of the aggregator node

  1. Connect to the aggregator node

  2. Go to the Nodes list

  3. Click Add

  4. Input a name and a description (optional)

  5. Click Create

  6. Click on the magnifying glass icon of the newly created node to show the URL and API keys required to configure the aggregated node.

Configuration of the aggregated node

  1. Connect to the aggregated node

  2. Go to Administration > Nodes > Aggregate this node

  3. Input the URL and the API keys with the data generated in the aggregator node

  4. optional Select in Scope to synchronize the asset groups to perform a partial aggregation of assets. For a complete synchronization, select nothing.

  5. Check the Self-signed certificate box, if your instance is not using an official certificate

  6. optional Check the Use application proxy box if you wish to use the proxy setup in Administration > Proxy

  7. Click Save

Once the configuration is done, a background task will send the assets data. If successful, the task will create all the assets on the aggregator node, the created assets can be found in the Aggregated assets inventory

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