Network scans

Cyberwatch can conduct network sweeping on defined IP ranges and parse the results. The Discovery scans offered by Cyberwatch are conducted through third-party software.

Conduct a Network sweep

  1. From the “Assets” menu, go to Discoveries.
  2. Click on the Add, then in the Network range category, click Network scans
  3. Enter the name of the scan.
  4. Select optional groups that will be affected to the scan.
  5. Choose the source of the scan (the Cyberwatch machine that will run the operation).
  6. Type the target following the CIDR format (e.g., or specifying a IP addresses or domain names. You can specify multiple targets by separating them with a space. To know more about the supported syntaxes, see Nmap’s documentation.
  7. Optional - Define the ports targeted by the scan. If no port is specified, Cyberwatch will by default use the following ports: 22, 80, 139, 443, 445, 3389, 5985, 5986.
  8. Define the execution time limit of the scan. Default value is 10 minutes.
  9. Choose a recurrence. The default value 0 days means the scan will be launched only once.
  10. Optional - Select an agentless mode connection credential.
  11. Confirm.

Cyberwatch will then conduct a Ping-scan on the targeted network range.

Results are accessible by clicking on the corresponding List button on the right of the table.

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