Troubleshooting procedure

This page purpose is to give some basic recommendation to troubleshoot frequently encountered issues with Cyberwatch.

The application is not starting

This procedure can be useful if the application is not starting after the execution of cyberwatch configure or cyberwatch restart:

  1. Check if the services are running:

    sudo cyberwatch status
  2. Check if the images are present:

    docker images
  3. Check the docker pull:

    docker pull

    Any problem during the docker pull can result from:

    • invalid authentication on
    • no space left on device
    • no flow to

Kibana is broken

For serious problems with elastic or kibana it is possible to erase all data and restart from scratch.

sudo cyberwatch stop
docker volume rm cbwonpremise_esdata
sudo cyberwatch restart

The job in charge of populating the data will be triggered after restart.

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