Deploy Cyberwatch in offline mode with Swarm (Recommended)

This page gives the procedure to follow to install Cyberwatch in offline mode.


  • A machine with access to

Cyberwatch On Premise installation

  1. Install Docker on the offline machine.

  2. Import the container images to the disconnected machine.

  3. Download the Cyberwatch packet for your distribution manually, at for distributions that use the package manager apt, and for those that use rpm.

  4. Transfer the package to the offline machine.

  5. Install Cyberwatch:

    For Debian-based distributions:

    sudo dpkg -i cyberwatch*.deb

    For Red Hat based distributions:

    sudo rpm install cyberwatch*.rpm
  6. Configure Cyberwatch:

    sudo cyberwatch configure --offline
  7. Register the admin user through the web interface at https://<offline_machine_adress>.

  8. Synchronize the vulnerability database, either from the application’s web interface at https://<offline_machine_adress>/admin/import_dbs, or from the command line following the procedure described in the dedicated documentation.

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