Assets discoveries

Assets discoveries let you browse your IT infrastructure and detect computers that are not yet registered into Cyberwatch.

You may set them up from the menu Discoveries. Each discovery create a list of discovered assets that may later be monitored.

The list of assets discovered by a discovery is accessible by clicking on the corresponding List button on the right of the table.

The group field is proposed regardless of the type of discovery scan. It allows you to assign a group to any asset associated with an asset discovered during the scan. Thus any previously supervised asset which would be raised by this scan will be assigned to the group. Thereafter it will be also the case of any newly supervised asset then automatically associated with one of the assets discovered during this scan.

Registering discovered assets

From the assets list for a given discovery in Discoveries, you may register newly discovered assets as agentless connections through a bulk action.

This feature is mainly targeted at monitoring an IT infrastructure with common authentication credentials for the Cyberwatch account. Otherwise, you may explicitly create agentless connections through Assets management > Agentless connections, or choose an alternative method like deploying agents.

Automated life cycle of discovered assets

It is possible to make a discovery periodic by filling in the “Period” field during its creation or edition. This discovery will then be automatically executed according to the recurrence set, and will allow you to automate:

  • The creation of new detected assets following the first execution of this discovery. Using the connector and stored credential entered in the Agentless mode connection type and Agentless mode connection credential fields;
  • The deletion of assets no longer responding to discovery, if the Delete unlinked assets field has been specified. Note the expected communication loss time before deletion can be modified in the Lost assets deletion delay field.

Automating assets registration

On discoveries that support it, a selector for configuring automatic registration of assets is displayed. Depending on the selected option, it makes Cyberwatch automatically create an agentless connection or a Docker image for every newly discovered asset. Applied on a recurrent discovery, this feature can be used to automatically synchronize the assets changes in, for instance, an Active Directory.

Automatic registration of agentless connections requires you to specify the protocol to use and a set of stored credentials. Docker images may require the specification of a Docker engine if multiple engines are available.

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