Technical requirements to the Cyberwatch installation

The Cyberwatch installation consists in deploying the Cyberwatch software in your network on a dedicated and correctly configured virtual machine.

This operation is conducted by Cyberwatch engineers and can take up to a half-day.

The requirements to this intervention are:

Configuration of the virtual machine that shall receive the Cyberwatch software

Operating System

  • Linux 64 Bits machine
  • Operating System of your choice among:
    • Debian 12
    • Ubuntu 22.04
    • Red Hat (8 or 9)
    • Rocky Linux (8 or 9)
    • AlmaLinux (8 or 9)
    • Oracle Linux (8 or 9)
  • Access to an official repository of the distribution or to an equivalent
  • Updated system (apt upgrade / yum update)
  • 4 vCPU
  • RAM 16 GB

Minimum requirements are 2 vCPU and 12 GB RAM.

Disk space requirements

  • Hard drive 60 GB:
    • 5 GB on /var/lib/cyberwatch/
    • 40 GB for container images, running containers and data on /var/lib/docker/
    • 15 GB for the system.

Network requirements

Docker Swarm

If deploying Cyberwatch with Docker Swarm, outgoing HTTPS requests allowed toward: (optional)

Matching flows matrix:

Cyberwatch serverdownload.docker.comTCP443Docker installation and updates
Cyberwatch serverharbor.cyberwatch.frTCP443Cyberwatch Docker images registry
Cyberwatch serversecuritydb.cyberwatch.frTCP443Synchronization with Cyberwatch central vulnerabilities database
Cyberwatch serverdownload.windowsupdate.comTCP80Download of .cab file for Microsoft Update
Cyberwatch serverdl.cyberwatch.frTCP443Alternative to download .cab file for Microsoft Update, and Cyberwatch package repository

Cyberwatch web interface usage prerequisites

Cyberwatch recommends using an up-to-date browser. We support all browsers that are not in end of life.

All requests sent to the Cyberwatch Web interface are processed using HTTPS, and use by default a self-signed certificate generated during installation. For security reasons, we recommend you to refer to our modification procedure for Cyberwatch certificate and update it after completing the installation.

Configuration of the assets to be audited by Cyberwatch

Prior to the deployment, it is possible to prepare the prerequisites that will allow Cyberwatch to scan your assets, using the Cyberwatch agent or with an agentless connection, depending on the selected methods of your choice.

Configuration of the assets to be audited by Cyberwatch with the “Agent BASED” mode

Please consult the prerequisites for assets monitored in agent-based mode.

If needed, Cyberwatch provides detailed technical help to prepare the assets to a Cyberwatch audit with agent-based modes.

Configuration of the assets to be audited by Cyberwatch with the “Agent LESS” mode

Please consult the assets prerequisites for agentless connections.

If needed, Cyberwatch provides a technical help in order to prepare the assets to a Cyberwatch audit with agentless mode.

Planning the half-day workshop to deploy Cyberwatch

  • Contact us at or call us at +33 1 85 08 69 79 in order to choose the date of deployment.
  • The Cyberwatch engineers will conduct the operations on the chosen date. The operation can be realized “On Premise”, or remotely with a shared-screen solution (TeamViewer, WebEx…) or a SSH access of the Cyberwatch asset.

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