Scanning policies

Scanning policies are used to define the days and time ranges during which one or more assets can be scanned by Cyberwatch.

They also allow customizing the analyses to run and their frequencies, along with advanced parameters like the duration of web scans for network targets.

You can define a scanning policy as the default policy. That policy will be assigned to every newly created asset.

Create and manage scanning policies

Scanning policies management is available in the Settings > Scanning policies menu.

To create a new scanning policy, click on Add.

  • The Name field is used to identify the scanning policy.
  • The Recurrence field defines the days during which the policy will be launched.
  • The Start time and End time fields define the time range during which the asset(s) will be scanned.
  • The Scheduling mode field defines the way the policy will be launched:
    • In manual mode, scans will be run only when requested by the user.
    • In automatic mode, the policy allows Cyberwatch to automatically launch scans during the defined period.

In section Analysis scripts, you can specify the custom analyses you want to run and their frequencies. The Cyberwatch analyses are always implicitly included, but you can specify them explicitly to configure a custom frequency specific to the scanning policy, or disable them by setting their frequency to Never.

Assign a scanning policy to assets

You can change the policy of an asset by opening its details page and clicking Actions > Edit the asset, or by using the policy selector in the Analyses tab.

To collectively change the policy of a set of assets, you can go the the Inventory and click Bulk edit > Update the scanning policy.

The policy can also be assigned automatically depending on search criteria by creating an assets rule.