Update the base of the orchestrator Swarm when offline

This page describes the procedure to update the Cyberwatch stack configuration folder on an offline machine.


  • Docker with version greater or equal to 23.0.6. It is recommended to have the latest version of docker.
  • A Linux machine with access to the internet


  1. Download the cyberwatch package:

    • For Apt:

      wget https://dl.cyberwatch.fr/apt/incoming/cyberwatch.deb
    • For Rpm:

      wget https://dl.cyberwatch.fr/rpm/incoming/cyberwatch.rpm
  2. Transfer the package to the Cyberwatch machine.

  3. Connect to the Cyberwatch machine with a root account.

  4. Install the cyberwatch package:

    • For Debian-based distributions:

      dpkg -i cyberwatch.deb
    • For Red Hat based distributions:

      yum install -i cyberwatch.rpm

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