Assets rules let you automatically assign properties to a set of assets defined by custom search criteria. You may for example automatically add any asset reporting the nginx service enabled to a web group.

In other words, setting up a rule is essentially the same as executing a bulk edit operation from the inventory, periodically.

Rules are processed every hour. Therefore, a newly created asset or one that just got updated will not immediately have its properties updated following the rules.

In the case of conflicting rules, the resulting behavior is unspecified. Creating rules with common assets but contradictory actions is discouraged.

Only Cyberwatch administrators have the permission to define rules.

Create a rule

To create a rule, open the inventory and use the search filters to restrict the view to the set of assets the rule should apply to. Then, click Bulk edit and Create a rule.

Note that rules do not take into account the global group filter set with the funnel icon at the top right corner of the screen. Rules are always applied globally.

At their creation, rules are executed in the background. Their result will usually be observable after a few seconds.

Manage the rules

You can see and edit the rules from menu Settings > Rules. From there, you can redefine the actions of a rule. Saving a rule triggers its immediate execution.

It is currently not possible to modify the filters of a rule to apply it to a different set of assets. However, you can still create a new rule and delete the previous one.

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