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Table of authorized actions for users with limited access to assets

A user with limited access to assets can execute the following actions depending on its role:

  Auditor Security Administrator System Administrator
Generate an export
Consult the Vulnerabilities Encyclopedia
Update the Vulnerabilities Encyclopedia    
Consult the Rules Encyclopedia
Consult the Security Issues
See the vulnerabilities of an asset
Consult the rules status of an asset
Access Kibana (1) (1) (1)
Ignore vulnerabilities on an asset  
Create a deploying/rebooting/scanning policy    
Deploy security fixes on an asset    
Update/Delete an asset    
Assign assets a deploying/rebooting/scanning policy    
Create/Update/Delete a custom compliance repository    
Assign/Remove rules to/from custom compliance repository    
Recheck compliance rules on an asset    
Assign/Remove compliance repositories to/from assets      
Update/Delete a deploying/rebooting/scanning policy      
Create/Update/Delete a Criticality      
Use/Consult Discoveries      
Add agents     (2)
Add agentless connections      
Add Docker images      
Add network targets or websites   (2) (2)
Add air-gapped assets     (2)
Create/Update/Delete stored credentials      
Create/Update/Delete an Ignoring Policy      
Create/Update/Delete a Security Issue      
Create/Update/Delete a custom compliance rule      
Assign groups to assets      
Manage users and rights      

(1) Requires explicit permission.

(2) Requires a group.