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Delete an asset

You may delete an asset from its details page, accessible by clicking the asset’s name from the inventory. From the asset’s details page, click Actions in the top right corner, then Remove the asset.

Note that deleting an assets triggers the deletion of the associated objects specific to it. In particular, its connector (agent, agentless connection, …) will be automatically deleted. In the case of an agentless connection using stored credentials, its stored credentials will be automatically deleted if no other agentless connection depends on it.

Conversely, you may delete an asset by deleting its connector. Thus, deleting an agentless connection will cause the deletion of the asset that depends on it.

Grouped deletion of assets

You may delete multiple assets at once by using a bulk edition available from any inventory. To do that, select all the assets you wish to delete and click Bulk edit, then Delete.

The bulk deletion of assets has the same consequences as individual asset deletion regarding the deletion of associated objects.